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By Jonathan Owen on 7/16/2014 5:19 PM

HK MR762 A1 ReviewLet’s summarize most Hecker and Koch MR762 A1 reviews so we can move on – this is a really expensive gun that’s a literal dream to shoot, has crazy sex appeal and if you can afford it you should buy it. Okay, but what can you DO with it? I’ve read something like “Woohoo, we took it to range and it’s sweet” plenty. So yeah, I took it to range at Tac Pro Shooting Center and shot 400 yards with an Aimpoint T-1. I also took it hunting. Helicopter hog hunting that is. That might just be a first.

By Stephen Owen on 7/9/2014 9:01 AM

UTS-15 LoadedAt SHWAT™ we are frequently asked “What is the best gun for hog hunting?”  The answer is always “It depends.”  If you are on a budget and need something that will do a wide variety of tasks that a firearm can be called on to do, many will tell you to go with a shotgun.  What shotgun can do almost anything from room clearing to hog hunting?  There are many, but the UTS-15 from UTAS may be one of the most versatile and well suited guns on the market.  Then again it might not be.  I’ll do my best to settle this debate for you here.

By Jonathan Owen on 7/3/2014 8:01 AM

Alamo Four Star Slot StudDo you have one of the countless cheap adapters that puts a sling stud for a bipod on a picatinny rail? They were all the rage not so long ago, and for good reason. The picatinny rail lets you mount almost anything to your rifle. Anything except a standard bipod, that is. Or maybe you’ve had to get an adapter to go the other direction, mounting a rail section to a sling stud to mount a light or rail mount bipod? 

This dual problem led Mark Deros to create and patent a dual solution at Alamo Four Star: eliminate the need for both sets of adapters on a single picatinny rail section. The first batch of his Slot Stud Rail sections were manufactured for Remington to go on the military’s XM2010 precision rifles. Is your rail next?