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By Stephen Owen on 8/14/2014 8:14 AM
American Built Arms T-GripIf you have been following SHWAT™ for any length of time, you know we are fans of the IWI Tavor.  We were the first in the USA to put the Tavor through a dedicated carbine class with Force Options Training and Security.  We’ve hunted with it and we’ve tested the Timney trigger upgrade.  Other than the triggers, there aren’t many aftermarket parts for the Tavor in America yet despite its higher than expected sales.  One item that has caught my attention in the accessory vacuum is the American Built Arms T-Grip.

Read on to see if this vertical grip lives up to the awesome Tavor reputation.

By Stephen Owen on 8/6/2014 11:17 PM

Viridian X5L-RSMost people know that hunting hogs after dark generally yields better results than hunting them during daylight hours. Especially when the weather is warmer. For those that pursue the better odds of night hunting, there is a plethora of tools to choose from. We’ve used quite a few. No doubt, some work better than others. The X5L-RS Viridian Green Laser is one tool that I’ve haven’t tried until now. Waiting so long was a mistake.

Read on to find out why.

By Stephen Owen on 7/30/2014 9:12 AM

Ildar Sagdejev SHWATWhen some hunters enter the woods, they pack more than just a good rifle—they take a pack of highly-trained hunting dogs. Catahoulas, Pit Bulls, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Curs, and sometimes even good ole “Mississippi Mutts” are always anxious to track down a group of wild hogs. There is no secret about the dangers these pups face when they go head-to-head with an angry boar. While it may be near impossible to find a veterinarian that is excited about sending dogs into that situation, we would always encourage taking every safety precaution possible. 

Most hunters are aware of the GPS tracking collars and protective vests that are widely available today, and I highly encourage using these tools. Concerning the vest, it is important to ensure your dog has normal mobility, vital areas are well protected, and proper measures are taken to avoid overheating. That brings us to a list of often overlooked aspects of your hunting dogs’ health and safety: