SHWAT™ Intel

Two years of dreaming.  Two trips to the National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show. Six years cultivating relationships in the firearms and hunting communities.  Belief in us from key players in those communities.  These are the elements from which SHWAT™ is forged.  These, two brothers, and lots and lots of hogs, of course.  


SHWAT™ is the new center of gravity for tactical hog hunting. Special Hog Weapons & Tactics™ is a dynamic, game changing lifestyle brand, fusing together the tactical, hunting and feral hog control communities. Quality content and connections are rapidly coming together through partnering with credible industry professionals. Vendors are licensing the SHWAT™ brand. Conversations are growing on Facebook, That quality extends from our community and contributors, including our sponsors and writers, bloggers and videographers.

SHWAT™ is the cutting edge of an explosive trend. Leupold is now selling the VR-X 1.25-4x20mm HOG Riflescope. Winchester will showcase their new Razorback XT ammo at SHOT. LMT is selling a “Pig Package” AR. Daniel Defense (through it's Ambush Firearms business) and Wilson Combat are advertising specifically to hog hunters.

Join us!  Be a part of the SHWAT Team™, the center of gravity for all things related to tactical hog hunting.  Come back often and join the conversation.  "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.  After two years of dreaming of SHWAT™, we're committed to making it worth your time.