By Jonathan Owen on 5/3/2016 11:02 AM
I had a couple hundred nutty ideas about how to introduce you to Tactical Squirrel. I saved them in a virtual hollowed out tree trunk… Tactical Squirrel scurries around the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors industry collecting and temporarily caching their finds. They are particularly good at sniffing out products sourced from veteran owned companies. They share their cache of tactical goodies with their subscribers through a monthly box shipment. We got our first shipment and decided to give it away to one of our readers, maybe you!

Tactical Squirrel

By Kevin Reese on 4/21/2016 9:28 PM

Bow set up for night hunting

The first time I heard it, that shrill bawl, the hair rose off my neck to stand at attention and any sign of weariness from hours in the stand promptly left my body. I had never heard that sound before. What’s that? Was that a woman screaming? Could it be a cougar? I had heard they sound just like a woman screaming for her life. Then there was the droning of unruly cicadas, rhythmic croaks of lively bullfrogs and haunting yips and cries of excitable song dogs. 

Night hunting was something I had always hoped to experience but what I thought it might be like couldn’t have been further from reality. At a time, I assumed, the world drifted into slumber, the woods awoke with a fervor… alive with sounds and dimly lit sights I never considered. Now, they played out in the darkness less than a stone’s throw from my position. Not only were the woods alive, so was I. Night hunting was different, addictive, haunting… and it became significantly more experiential, more intimate when I began carrying a bow out to greet the midnight sky.

By Jonathan Owen on 4/16/2016 8:32 PM

Manticore Arms Transformer Rail Review

Quite simply, the Manticore Arms Transformer Rail for the AR-15 is the most versatile rail I’ve seen yet. That statement probably breaks some unwritten rule about giving away the conclusion at the beginning of a review, but you’ll still want to watch the video after reading the story! The Transformer Rail is the most configurable, customizable rail I’ve personally seen. You can put Keymod attachment slots next to M-Lock. You can point the Keymod slots in opposite directions if you’d like. You can dress up your gun, or run the rail stripped and super light. Go from home defense configuration to lights out hog hunting configuration...

By Erik Alexander on 4/8/2016 4:24 PM

.450 Bushmaster

Remember your excitement when you got your first AR-15? If you’re like me, it was memorable! Now imagine something even more so - getting something BIGGER!  Yes, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll get the itch to join the “BIG BORE” club. Typically characterized by calibers .44 greater, big bore ARs are a ton of fun to shoot, usually better for hunting and good for the ego!  One of these “BIG BORE” bad boys is the 450 Bushmaster, a formidable beast with the ability to provide a one-shot kill at 250 yards. Feel the itch yet? I did, and that .450 Bushmaster became my first entry into the Big Bore Club. It certainly performed its job well when I needed it to...