By Brian McCombie on 6/20/2016 12:50 PM

Handgun Hunting Deer

I started handgun hunting about two years ago when the 10MM Auto caliber caught my attention. My first handgun hunts were with 1911 semi-autos chambered in 10MM, and I loved the challenge of hunting up close and personal that the pistols required.

Ever since then, I’ve taken every chance possible to try out new handguns for hunting, and last December I used what quickly became one of my favorite hunting handguns, the Thompson/Center (T/C) G2 Contender Pistol chambered in .44 Rem Mag.

Chasing game with 240 grains from the scoped kit proved exhilarating...

By Jonathan Owen on 6/13/2016 11:47 AM

Trijicon MRO Review

Much has been written about the Trijicon MRO already. One forum has no less than 52 pages of arguments, many of which seem to be written by people who don’t actually USE their optics beyond their couch or local range. I think many people are looking at this Trijicon the wrong way. I waited, timing my MRO review to point out one really big thing and all the associated benefits that many have ignored or glossed over. And I made a video unlike any other for you. 

By Jonathan Owen on 6/2/2016 12:07 PM
Forward Controls Design Review

Are you a quality or quantity kind of gun owner?

Of course, you could be both and AR-15 parts maker Forward Controls Design really makes it easy. Started by the co-founder of Battle Arms Development, Roger Wang is also the co-inventor of the game changing Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD ASS). If you're familiar with that innovation, you'll immediately understand the quality equation we're about to discuss. Ultimately, we're talking about enhancing the AR-15 user experience. No big deal, you say? Would you want to return to a computer mouse with no right click? Neither would I, and once you've used these parts you may appreciate using your AR-15 for hunting, shooting and training in a new light. Our friend Nate (NSZ85 on YouTube) does a great job showing you why you'll love these parts.  

By Jonathan Owen on 5/26/2016 11:03 AM

IWI Tavor X95 Bullpup

It’s 2016, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting (or NRA Show) is now history, and the bullpup rifle genre is bigger than it was. American shooters and hunters now have bullpup rifle options in calibers from the always fun .22 long rifle all the way up to the .50 BMG big boy toy. Bullpup rifles are mainstream, no long oddities. How did that happen and why it matters to you are questions I’ll answer here.