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By Jonathan Owen on 4/29/2015 9:29 PM
Etymotic Gun Sport Pro reviewHearing Protection isn’t sexy. Of course neither is your ears ringing or having to ask “what?” “WHAT?” Soldiers, hunters, competitive shooters - all have hearing damage among their ranks. When shooting and hunting, most of us try to mitigate that as much as possible, but using hearing protection can come at the cost of situational awareness. For a hunter, this could compromise communication with others, and even cause you to flat miss an opportunity. Technology has brought us a long way, and one product I’ve seen improve over the past four years is the Etymotic Research ER125-GSP15BN GunsSport Pro series High-Definition Electronic Earplugs. They have their limitations, but they are better than when I first saw them and they solve some real world problems. I’ll address real world concerns and an urban legend about adequate hearing protection or “ear pro."
By Brian McCombie on 4/22/2015 11:31 PM

Trijicon VCOG SHWATThere’s often a division between what some consider Tactical versus Hunting. In a lot of ways, that division is wrong headed. After all, the tactical derives from the military, and the military application of the tactical is all about putting down the enemy.

Of course, for the hunter, the deer or hog or elk is not the “enemy.” But the same general principles apply: put down your quarry as quickly as possible.

So to say that Trijicon’s Variable Combat Optic Gunsight or VCOG, a 1-6x24mm scope, is only a “tactical” scope is to miss an important point. Whatever the quarry, the VCOG can get the job done. And while I don’t hunt “bad guys,” the deer and hogs I’ve taken with the scope, the scope’s overall performance and its ease of use have made it my go to scope, the one I reach for first. Read on to find out why.

By Jonathan Owen on 4/15/2015 10:31 PM

NRA NASCAR What do you get when you cram an insanely diverse crowd of 70,000 people into eight acres of floor space filled with 400+ vendors? Smiles, lots and lots of smiles if we’re talking about the annual NRA meeting, aka “NRA Show” or “NRA Convention.” Young and old, tattooed or tweed jacketed, it wasn’t just me noting the cordial mixing of people from all over the map. “I can’t believe how nice and patient everyone is,” said one local food vendor I talked with. Nice, check. Patient, check. And excited, too. Read on for five highlights I’ve hand picked to share with you.

By Stephen Owen on 4/8/2015 9:46 PM

Beretta GunPod 2In our world of 21st century, sometimes James Bond-esque tactical hunting, we have some amazing tools at our fingertips. We have the latest guns, laser rangefinders, night vision and thermal scopes, and much more. Now more than ever we also have our smart phones to give us an edge. Here are some of my top picks that provide solutions for some specific needs. Also I have a preview of a yet to be released app from Beretta! You may disagree with me on some of my picks or you may want to add some to the list. Let us know your top picks!