By Dylan Saunders on 10/20/2016 12:50 PM

New Zealand Goat Hunting

What do you get when you cross deer hunting with hog hunting and throw in a Kiwi accent? You get Taranaki wild goat hunting in wild New Zealand! 

Wild goats in New Zealand are considered invasive and damaging to the native environment, so hunting is largely unrestricted and encouraged, as is the case in most areas with wild pigs, deer, and stag. You’ll want the right combination of gun, optic and ammunition, along with your spirit of adventure a decent level of physical stamina.

By Special Guest Contributor on 10/14/2016 1:03 PM
David Tubb DTR Reticle Review

While controversial, David Tubb is one of the winningest competitive rifleman around and an accomplished worldwide hunter. He has won 11 NRA High Power Championships along with 30 NRA Silhouette Rifle titles. He has another 6 Long Range Rifle National Championships and two Wimbledon Cups. His competitive and hunting resume is impressive and his contribution to the precision rifle industry more so. He has brought numerous rifles, parts, and accessories to market that have changed the industry. His rifles have won numerous competitions and titles. David is always thinking outside the box. One of those innovations is his DTR reticle. Designed to facilitate first rounds hits without (or with) the use of electronic assistance the reticle is simple and precise. People seem to love or hate it; time to see for myself. Join me. - David Bahde

By Jonathan Owen on 10/5/2016 1:28 PM

XTECH HK VP9 Mag Extender

So what’s a pistol magazine extension review doing here? Simple, the XTech MTX +5 magazine extension is freaking cool! Why should Glock owners have all the fun? Now HK VP9, VP40 and P30 owners have a solid magazine extension option. But wait, there’s more! Let’s say like me you love hunting hogs and often carry a sidearm as a backup or just something to run in the event things get super close. Well, as previously told here at SHWAT™, 9mm can do the job but you’d probably like to have a big magazine of bullets. I tested the XTech MTX to see how it would perform and hold up...

By Jonathan Owen on 9/26/2016 9:30 PM

In actual fact, I’m not the best reviewer for the Elite Survival Systems Marathon GunPack. Don’t tune out just yet, though… Sure, I can check the objective boxes like, is it well built, priced competitively, and so on.  But for a truly credible review, a distance runner like marathoner or triathlete needs to be involved. So I recruited my favorite such athlete for this project, my wife. Now we have something worth reading – or more importantly, watching! If you’re a runner, this is for you. If you are like me, and running is just something you just tolerate, this might still be for you if concealed carry is important to you. If none of the above, you know someone who needs to take a look at this so pass it along. With that in mind, let’s jump in!