By Dylan Saunders on 8/25/2016 10:17 PM
Teaching kids to shoot

"I can't shoot this!" She moved her left hand to the grip and wrapped her tiny left index finger around her right finger as she struggled with the trigger. The short rifle struggled with the trigger as well, the unsuppressed .300 Blackout failing to build enough pressure to reliably cycle the bolt against the increased pressure required to cock the aftermarket two-stage hammer.

She could make the rifle fire; what she was saying was that she could not shoot it well. Several weeks later I was tightening the set screws on a new Timney two-stage trigger. 

"Come outside," I told her, "I want you to try something." Conventional wisdom was about to unravel.

By Special Guest Contributor on 8/15/2016 2:57 PM

Learning to Shoot Red Dot Sight Pistol

Every expert and his nearest relative has an opinion on adding a Red Dot Sight (RDS) to a pistol. Dogma is prevalent if not rampant. It will either make you the best shooter on earth, or kill you in a “real” gunfight. Like anything dogmatic, each side has prophets, most are best ignored or archived as “possibly useful minus the preaching”. Reality sits somewhere in the middle, a place I decided to find on my own – this time. Shooter? Hunter? EDC practitioner? This story is for you...

By Jonathan Owen on 8/4/2016 10:17 AM

How ammo is made

If you’re like the vast majority of hunters and shooters, you probably don’t give the process of manufacturing the ammo you use a lot of thought. Reloaders, don’t tune out just yet…

Not long ago I was invited to tour Remington’s ammunition plant outside Little Rock, Arkansas. At 1200 acres and roughly an employee per acre, it’s kind of a big deal. Looking at it another way, this Remington ammo plant cranks out a staggering 7,000,000+ rounds every day! That, and more than a quarter million component parts a day, too! I found the processes mesmerizing and created a video to take you there.

By Sponsored on 7/28/2016 11:32 AM
Prepper Guns Bryce M. Towsley

I was very much aware of the prepper movement and I suppose I participated to some extent as I keep food and other supplies on hand. I have lived rural much of my life so the concept of prepping was easy. I have always been self-sufficient. I can fix or build most things and I am a hunter, fisherman and trapper. We have raised and butchered livestock, planted gardens and foraged in the woods for edibles. Growing up, I thought we were poor but it turns out we were preppers. I guess we were ahead of the curve.

So I wrote Prepper Guns to kill the myths and set the record straight about the guns that will best serve to keep you and your family alive. This is not a book about strategy, battle tactics or how to build a remote wilderness compound. This is a gun book, a book about the tools to defend yourselves, your loved ones and your property. It looks at the diversity of firearms, ammunition and accessories currently available to United States citizens and explores the pros and cons of each. This SHWAT™ entry is an exclusive look under the hood at my newest book, Prepper Guns.