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By Jonathan Owen on 9/16/2014 8:57 PM

Accurate Armory AR PistolOnce there was a time when I laughed at the notion of the AR-15 pistol. That time of laughing has passed, so if you enjoy watching others publicly eat crow, read on. My brother, Stephen, and I have been debating the merits of AR 15 pistols for some time, so let’s rewind this a bit. My first intro to an AR-15 pistol was some years ago at a gun store that sold NFA items like short barreled rifles (SBRs). I saw an AR-15 pistol and asked where the buttstock was. The shop keeper enlightened me, but I had lingering doubts... 

By Dr. Chris Magee on 9/10/2014 1:50 PM

The current wild pig population in the US is estimated at about 6 million, and it’s only increasing from there…

What’s the worst part of this problem? Pigs are not even supposed to be in the US! They are taking precious resources from the ecosystem that belong to our white-tailed deer, turkey, and other native species. They prey on the eggs and hatchlings of ground-nested birds. They can decimate populations of reptiles and amphibians. Even small mammals and newborn foals are at risk of predation. And don’t forget all the plant species at risk.

So what about wild pigs in the US? What options do we have? How are we going to gain control? Read on to find out...

By Stephen Owen on 9/3/2014 8:24 PM

Wilcox L4 G24 Ident PVS-14If you hunt with night vision or are considering it, then you will inevitably find yourself looking into how to mount your choice of gear to your head. One of the most common questions about mounts is “Why would I pay that much for a simple mount?” The answer, however, is not a simple one. If you are new to night vision and the extensive selection of gear that goes along with it, you may be in for a surprise. There are ways to save and still have a quality setup. Cut the wrong corner and you could end up damaging or losing the most expensive part. Read on to find out where to spend and where to save.